Books and Booklets on Invasive Species

The books and booklets found here are intended to be used for personal information, educational materials or public outreach to help increase knowledge on invasive species. They may be used free of charge for these purposes (unless otherwise noted). Some you can simply download and print, others you may order from the organization producing them. The books and booklets may be distributed for education and public outreach. As always please cite the source of any document you use.

Buffelgrass Identification Guide – Southern Arizona Buffelgrass Coordination Center,

A Homeowner’s Guide to Preventing the Introduction and Spread of Invasive Plants in Georgia: You Can Make a Difference in Your Backyard –

Invasive Insects of Concern in Georgia: You Can Help Stop Their Spread –

A Field Guide for the Identification of Invasive Plants in Southern Forests – USDA Forest Service

A Management Guide for Invasive Plants of Southern Forests – USDA Forest Service

Cogongrass Publications –

Why Should I Care About Invasive Plants – MIPN

Plant Invaders of Mid-Atlantic Natural Areas, 4th ed.NPS, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Mistaken Identity: Invasive Plants and Their Native Look-alikes, Mid-AtlanticDelaware Department Agriculture

Invasive Aquatic and Wetland Plants – San Francisco Estuary Institute

The Economics of Invasive Species – Oregon Sea Grant

On the Lookout for Invasive Species – Oregon Sea Grant

A Field Guide to Fish Invaders of the Great Lakes Region – Minnesota Sea Grant

Invasive Aquatic and Wetland Plants Field GuideUniversity of Illinois