Fire Ants in South Carolina

History of Fire Ants in South Carolina


Red imported fire ants were first discovered in South Carolina in the 1960’s in ornamental nursery plants near Seneca, South Carolina. These initial introductions were eradicated by entomologists at Clemson University. Later, fire ants were found to be established in the Charleston area and have continued to spread throughout the state. Fire ants are now found in all counties throughout South Caroilina.

Researchers at Clemson University have been involved with research and education programs to test insecticides and develop strategies for the management of the imported fire ant. Recently, Clemson Extension and Clemson Department of Plant Industry have been involved in experimental research using biological controls as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system.

Managing Fire Ants in South Carolina

The links below are available to help you learn to manage red imported fire ants in your home or commercial landscape.