Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Ants

Are there any home remedies that will kill fire ants?

How to kill fire ants?

What do fire ants eat?

Which fire ant bait should I use?

How do I kill fire ants inside my house?

Are there fire ants or other ants that sting in Canada? How about in the northeastern United States?

Why do flying fire ants land in my swimming pool?

Does gasoline kill fire ants?

Are fire ants good or bad?

What are the big, red fuzzy ants that I see sometimes?

How long do fire ants live?

Why do fire ants get into laundry?

Will club soda kill fire ants?

How do you kill fire ants where free ranging chickens and other birds (such as Guinea hens, ducks and geese) occur?

How deep are fire ant colonies?

What fire ant control measure can I use in my vegetable garden?

Will a hard winter kill fire ants?

Why are they called “imported” fire ants?

Why do fire ants nest next to  trees?

How do we control fire ants in pastures?

Are fire ants attracted to electricity?

Do grits kill fire ants?

How can I tell if those are flying ants or termites swarming at the foundation of my house?

Where can I buy Pseudacteon phorid flies (decapitating flies) and other natural enemies of fire ants to release in my yard?

Could anteaters or armadillos control fire ants?

Are there repellents for fire ants?

How do fire ants move from location to location? How far can they travel?

At what temperature is it too cold for fire ants to survive?

How do I kill fire ants on poultry farms?

Will Pseudacteon phorid flies (decapitating flies) sting or bite? Are decapitating flies harmful?

Why do fire ants build mounds?

How do fire ants affect other animal populations?

I have small dark ants in my house, how do I get rid of them?

Can I use nematodes to kill fire ants?

Will fungi (mushrooms) kill fire ants?

What happens to fire ants during a flood?

Why do fire ants sting all at once?

How can I tell the difference between fire ants and some of the common native ants?

What are flying ants?

Are fire ant baits toxic to humans and pets?

Why do fire any mounds pop up after a rain?