Information for Oklahoma Residents

Regulatory Information for Managing Red Imported Fire Ants in Oklahoma

Pesticide laws in Oklahoma differ from those of other states because application of insecticides below labeled rates is not allowed. Thus, use of reduced rates of any product or products, including use of hopper blends (i.e., half rates of hydramethylnon plus methoprene baits) is not allowed until registered as use directions by manufacturers in the state (i.e, Extinguish Plus* is now fully registered and available as a hopper blend for use in Oklahoma).

For information about imported fire ant regulations in Oklahoma, contact:
Jeanetta Cooper
Plant Protection/Pest Survey
ODAFF Consumer Protection Service
PO Box 528804
Oklahoma City OK 73152-8804
405-522-5971 – office
405-522-4584 – fax

Reports, Publications

2008 State Report: Update on Red Imported Fire Ant, a Quarantined Pest in Oklahoma

Meetings and Events

Proceedings of the 2009 Imported Fire Ant Conference in Oklahoma