Information for Tennessee Residents


Information on the imported fire ants in Tennessee website is very similar to that found on the eXtension site except for the following:

  1. Many products registered for use in Tennessee and their use sites can be found under Updates.
  2. The quarantine map and a list of partially and entirely quarantined Tennessee counties are updated annually and are also found under Management – Quarantine. Streets and other landmarks that define the quarantine are listed in detail for the partially quarantined counties.
  3. Although USDA-APHIS-PPQ publishes a list of products that can be used in the quarantine, we have verified registration in Tennessee and added a list of distributors for these products Updates.
  4. On the Maps page, maps of the fire ant “species” distribution, phorid fly distribution as well as the current quarantine maps can be found.
  5. Some of the Tennessee Extension Agent Fire Ant Management Demonstrations are also posted to our website.