John Hopkins

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Dr. Hopkins is an Associate Professor and Extension Entomologist with the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Department of Entomology, and has been located at the Cooperative Extension Service Headquarters in Little Rock since 2002. He initially joined the Cooperative …

Elizabeth “Wizzie” Brown

Wizzie Brown is an Extension program specialist with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. She received her bachelor’s of science degree in entomology from The Ohio State University and a master’s of science degree in entomology from Texas A&M University. …

Timothy Davis

Tim Davis, Clemson University

Tim Davis, PhD is an Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent and County Extension Coordinator in Chatham County with the University of Georgia.  

Tim Davis began his career with Clemson University in 1990.  He spent three years as a Research Assistant …

Danny McDonald

Danny McDonald, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

Danny McDonald is a myrmecologist specializing in invasive ant species ecology. His focus is on Nylanderia fulva (the tawny crazy ant). He is interested in basic and applied research having the potential to mitigate the economic and ecological impact of …

L.C. "Fudd" Graham

Fudd Graham

Graham is a research fellow IV and Extension specialist in the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Auburn University. He worked as an Extension agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and as a research assistant at AU while …

Paul Nester

Paul Nester, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension

Paul R. Nester is an Extension Program Specialist in Integrated Pest Management, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. He is co-leader of the Imported Fire Ant eXtension Community of Practice. 

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Web:  Texas IPM Program

Mike Merchant

Mike Merchant

Merchant designs informational materials and training programs to help reduce pesticide use and promote use of low-impact pesticides for schools and other institutional facilities. He develops training materials and continuing education programs on pests and integrated pest management for the …

Janet Hurley

Janet was hired by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension in 2001 to oversee the Texas School integrated pest management (IPM) program. In 1991, the Texas Legislature passed a law requiring that pests in and around school buildings be managed using integrated …