Why do fire ant mounds pop up after a rain?

Just because you don’t see fire ants doesn’t mean they aren’t there. They’re just not making visible mounds because of the heat and drought.

With drought, the fire ant colonies move underground where they can obtain water and where temperatures …

Why do fire ants sting all at once?

Fire ants workers release an alarm pheromone if they recognize another ant as a non-nestmate or if they encounter some other disturbance. When the alarm pheromone is detected by a nestmate, the ant moves rapidly in what appears to …

Why do fire ants get into laundry?


Fire ants move into dark, dry places when it floods and into moist areas in drought conditions. Laundry and laundry rooms are often warm and humid, providing suitable habitat. A pile of laundry also resembles their tunnels.

Clothing soiled with

Why do fire ants build mounds?

Fire ants use mounds to regulate temperature and moisture conditions in the colony.  You may see mounds pop up in response to cooler weather or heavy rains. The mound is an above-ground nursery that provides optimal temperature and moisture …

Why do flying fire ants land in my swimming pool?

Flying ants are the male and female reproductives (alates) from the fire ant colony. Alates are ants with wings. After mating, the female reproductive becomes a new queen and will establish a new fire ant colony.

These winged fire ants

How deep are fire ant colonies?

Fire ants live in an extensive network of tunnels in the soil. How deep this network extends into the ground depends on age and size of the colony, soil texture, and depth of the water table.

Tunnels in fire ant …