Fire Ants: Instructional Videos

Watch videos to see how fire ants bite and sting, forage for food, care for their young, and take care of the queen. Learn how to identify fire ants and their swarms. You can also see videos on how to properly treat your property to control fire ants.

Fire Ant Control (Management)

Learn first hand how to manage and control fire ants by viewing these instructional videos.

Fire Ant


Fire Ant Biology

Learn what it is like to live in a fire ant colony.

Hormigas bravas: Videos de instrucción

Control Fácil de las Hormigas Bravas

Biological Control of Fire Ants

Video Clips on Fire Ants from eXtension and Other Sources

The following clips show how fire ants behave or demonstrate concepts and procedures associated with controlling fire ants. They were filmed with the input of fire ant scientists for use in educational programming. Most of them are silent videos.


Foraging and Bait Applications

Individual Mound Treatments

Biology and Identification

Mating Flight/Movement