Fire Ants:Pesticide Disclaimer


Granular fipronil products have been available for imported fire ant control for several years. However, product labels have changed:

1) Garden Tech’s Over ‘N Out! Fire Ant Killer product no longer contains fipronil. Packaging released in 2010 lists 0.20% bifenthrin (a pyrethroid insecticide) as the active ingredient instead. This active ingredient switch occurred as a result of an action by the Environmental Protection Agency (Federal Registrar ).

2) Top Choice Insecticide, containing 0.0143% fipronil, is still available.  However, the current label classifies this product as a RESTRICTED USE insecticide (signal word: CAUTION), meaning that only persons with a pesticide applicator’s license can purchase this insecticide.


The USER is always responsible for the effects of pesticide residues, as well as for problems that could arise from drift or movement of the pesticides from his property to that of others. Use pesticides only according to the directions on the label. Follow all directions, precautions, and restrictions that are listed. Do not use pesticides on plants or sites that are not listed on the label.

The pesticide rates in this publication are recommended only if they are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and your state department of agriculture. If a registration is changed or cancelled, any rates listed here are no longer recommended. Before you apply any pesticide, fungicide or herbicide, check with your Cooperative Extension agent for the latest information.

Trade names are used only to give specific information. This site does not endorse or guarantee any product and does not recommend one product instead of another that might be similar.