What happens to fire ants during a flood?

Photo by R. Strecker, courtsey of B Adams, LSUImported fire ants live in colonies in the soil. If a colony is flooded during a rainstorm or other high-water situation, the ants cling together and form a living raft that floats on the flood waters. Once the raft

How long do fire ants live?

Fire ant queens typically live 2-6 years (an average of about 3 years). The record longevity of a queen is 7 years. Males die a short time after they swarm and mate. Worker ants usually live 4-6 weeks after emerging …

Why do fire ants build mounds?

Fire ants use mounds to regulate temperature and moisture conditions in the colony.  You may see mounds pop up in response to cooler weather or heavy rains. The mound is an above-ground nursery that provides optimal temperature and moisture …

Why do flying fire ants land in my swimming pool?

Flying ants are the male and female reproductives (alates) from the fire ant colony. Alates are ants with wings. After mating, the female reproductive becomes a new queen and will establish a new fire ant colony.

These winged fire ants

How deep are fire ant colonies?

Fire ants live in an extensive network of tunnels in the soil. How deep this network extends into the ground depends on age and size of the colony, soil texture, and depth of the water table.

Tunnels in fire ant …