Fire Ant Control (Management)

Hand held bait spreader

Hand held bait spreader

How to Kill Fire Ants

Find out where fire ants came from, where you find them now, and whether fire ants are good or bad. Then we’ll show you how to get rid of fire ants using safe pest management practices and science-backed methods for fire ant control.  Learn how understanding the biology of fire ants leads to cost effective, safe ways to kill fire ants that are far more effective than home remedies.    Read More >>



Key Fire Ant Control Publications


Fire Ant Control Terminology

Learn what the professionals mean when they use fire ant control terms such as management, eradication, integrated pest management (IPM), natural products, fermentation products, organics, and active ingredients.    Read More  >>

IPM for Managing Fire Ants

Integrated Pest Management is a systems approach to managing insect, mite, disease and weed pests. It uses a combination of the most compatible and ecologically sound pest suppression tactics to keep pest populations below levels that cause problems. IPM uses cultural, biological and chemical methods. The goal of IPM strategies for fire ants is to prevent or eliminate problems caused by unacceptably high numbers of fire ants, rather than eliminating all ants from the ecosystem.    Read more >>

The Two-Step Method and Other Approaches

The Two-Step Method of fire ant control is likely to be the most cost-effective and environmentally sound approach to treating medium to large landscape areas. The bait you apply determines how quickly ants will be controlled and how long the effect will last.    Read More  >>

Broadcast Bait Application

Watch these two videos to help you outsmart fire ants, whether in the home landscape or in larger areas. You will find you can save time and money and still get better fire ant control by using broadcast application.   Read More  >>